Employment Opportunities

We Hire Enthusiasm!

Whether you graduated with a hospitality degree, waited tables for years, or are looking for your first job, a great attitude and solid work ethic go far at Crazy King Burrito. Our Mexican founders, Jaime and Haidee Gonzalez, run a simple, family-friendly restaurant that welcomes people from every corner of the globe to enjoy their food. They also believe in welcoming people of all ages, colors, and backgrounds to represent their brand as members of the CKB team. 

Diversity at Crazy King Burrito means celebrating people with different backgrounds and welcoming them to our team.

Every Crazy King Burrito restaurant in the U.S. is locally owned and operated by franchised operators who recruit, hire, train, and manage their employees. A wide range of leadership and team member opportunities exist at every location. From front-of-house management and customer service to back-of-house food preparation and custodial needs, Crazy King Burrito provides exceptional employment for enthusiastic individuals.  

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